We are a collection of people who have served both in government and the private sector, advancing American innovation, based on US science and technology.

Co-founded by the late Howard Schmidt -- a former cyber adviser to US Presidents, and a former CISO for eBay who understood the role of small business in fueling economic growth --FAST is a 501(c)(3) designed to develop and execute multiple projects under its aegis.

We pursue policies that will facilitate US-based innovation, bolster America's strength in science and technology, and add high-value, high-wage jobs to the economy. 


Who we are

Our mission

Foundation for American

Science and Technology


We have two current projects under the stewardship of FAST:

Getting to Global, a partnership with the US Department of Commerce International Trade Administration to equip small US companies with the tools they need to explore overseas markets and grow exports. 

Our second project is CyberUSA -- a community of cyber-focused communities across America devoted to building cyber innovation, a trained cyber workforce, and sharing threat intelligence across sectors and across the country.